Jessica Rein

Manifestor 6/2 profil
Single definition Left Angle
Cross of Informing

My name is Jessica and I am a 6/2 Emotional Manifestor.

I was certified as a mindfulness instructor and life coach in 2014, and my human design learning journey started somewhere around the shift to 2020. I love learning from Ra Uru Hu and have self-studied the material, taken several courses, had many different readings, and had analyst training through various people.

As a coach, I say things that make you rethink. Push you beyond your comfort zone, give you the space to fall back into your truth, your inner knowing, and connect to your inner authority. I advocate breaking societal norms and questioning what sounds right.

I will always want you to move. Move toward whom you are designed to be. I've honed my patience to sit with you in your pain, but I will not allow you to be a victim of your perceived reality.

I'm the coach that says, "that sucked; now what?" Empowering you to be fully you!

Basic reading: 2000 nok
Get an understanding of the basics of your chart. Aura type, Signature & Not-self theme, Strategy & Authority, Profile +++ You will first receive a video transmission of your human design chart, taking you through the basics. When I send this to you, I will send a link to book your 75 min call with me. I ask you to watch the video and collect any questions before coming to the session. This way, you get more out of our session together!


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